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Carpet Cleaning San Bruno

San Bruno is a beautiful and wonderful place to live. Many of the homes show signs of the state’s Spanish influence in the use of their open home designs and their brightly colored carpeting or upholstered furniture. However, keeping those colors bright is not always an easy task, but Carpet Cleaning San Bruno is here to help you keep your home, carpets, and furniture looking look bright and smelling fresh.

About Our Company

Carpet Cleaning San Bruno is a fully licensed and insured carpet cleaning company and as such we provide our clients with a wide variety of services. These services include:

  • Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning- Whether your home or business carpets need to be clean our company can do that cleaning for you.
  • Rug Cleaning- We not only clean your carpets, but we also can clean those beautiful and colorful area rugs.
  • Upholstery Cleaning- Our services include cleaning all types of upholstered fabrics from that sofa to your bedroom mattresses and even those colorful tapestries with a South Western flare.
  • Stain and Odor Removal- Not only do we leave your carpets free of dirt, we can also remove those stains and odors as well.
  • Water Damage Repair- Should your home suffer from any type of water damage, we have skilled water damage technicians that can help your handle that emergency, and make any necessary repairs to your home caused by that damage.
  • Same Day Service- In order to provide our customers with cleaning service at their convenience we not only keep extended hours from 8 to 8, but we also offer same day services for those who have a last minute break in their schedule.


Our Cleaning Technicians

In order to ensure that your home’s carpeting, rugs, and upholstery is treated with the utmost care we make sure that our cleaning technicians are experienced and skilled at cleaning all different types of carpeting, rugs, and upholstery. Our cleaning technicians are professional and polite and will show you and your home the respect you deserve.

Our State of the Art Cleaning Equipment

Along with our skilled and trained technicians we use only State of the Art Cleaning equipment. We believe that our clients deserve the very best, and using the best cleaning equipment available helps to ensure that we can get their carpets, rugs, and upholstery as clean as possible.

Our Organic Cleaners

Our commitment to our customers and our community doesn’t stop at just cleaning their carpets to the best of our ability. We also take special care to protect their health and the environment by using the organic cleaning products. Our products have proven to be safer for children and pets than those chemical cleaning products used by other carpet cleaning companies, and we take pride in protecting our community and our customers, by using the safest and most effective products available.

For more information about our services, cleaning methods, or products why not call 650-239-6920 for a free consultation today, or learn more by scrolling through our website or talking to online representative and let us explain why Carpet Clean San Bruno is the right choice for you carpet cleaning needs.

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